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Strengthening Tribal Public Health Systems (Formally Tribal ASI)

Grant Opportunities

The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are pleased to announce the second cycle of funding for Strong Systems, Stronger Communities (SSSC) for Tribes.

There are 2 separate funding opportunities available:

Self-Assessment Award
The Self-Assessment Award is intended for Tribal entities new to performance improvement who wish to conduct a self-assessment of their current ability and departmental needs to meet public health accreditation standards, as defined by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). The Self-Assessment awardees will receive training, form a team, and complete a self-assessment.

Performance Improvement / System Improvement Award
The PI/SI award will support projects through two paths: performance improvement (PI) projects to build public health capacity, and system improvement (SI) projects, which focus on incorporating health equity and interconnection of various systems that can impact the public health of the community. Tribes will have the opportunity to perform work by choosing project categories in either the PI path, SI path, or both. Support for public health accreditation activities is offered, but seeking accreditation is not required.

Applications due Friday, September 20, 2019

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