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Responding to Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) in Tribal Communities in the Context of SAMHSA and CDC Funding

Grant Opportunities

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to leverage SAMHSA funding (including TI-18-016, TI-18-015, and TI 17-014) for tribal responses to the opioid crisis by supporting culturally relevant research built upon projects supported by SAMHSA. The topic of the research project will vary depending on how funding is used in tribal communities.

Potential topics include, for example, studies of evidence-based interventions adapted to enhance their feasibility, acceptability, availability and/or effectiveness in tribal communities; assessing the effectiveness of interventions with an evidence base from another population when implemented to address the opioid crisis in tribal communities; augmenting hypothesis-based data collection to inform intervention adaptation and implementation; or epidemiologic studies that assess the reach or implementation of interventions. Research supported through this FOA will be performed in two phases. The first phase (R61) will provide support for up to two years and allow for development and start up of the project including, where relevant, development and pilot testing of study elements including measurements, the study design, and/or adaption of intervention. This phase will identify and meet pre-specified milestones ensuring that the results of this phase inform and provide a foundation for the second phase of the research. Phase two (R33) is dependent upon successful completion of the R61 phase and an approved plan for the R33 phase. Phase two will provide possible funding for three years to expand to a full test of the research aims.

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