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NWTEC Success Story: 2020 Trans and Gender-Affirming Care Strategic Vision and Action Plan

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Over the past year, the Paths (Re)Membered Project has worked on a variety of projects to support the health of Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQ+) people. (We use Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ or 2SLGBTQ+ throughout this briefing to refer to individuals who identify as gender-diverse (not cisgender) or have a minority sexual orientation.) Paths (Re)Membered activities have included founding a Trans & Gender-Affirming Care ECHO, publishing monthly podcasts and blog posts, hosting regular community events and trainings for staff and partners, working with northwest tribes to build capacity for affirming environments in clinics and community spaces, and completing a 2SLGBTQ+ Pride and Connectedness Online Survey.

In January of 2020, NPAIHB Delegates approved the resolution “Support for Quality Care and Improved Health Outcomes for Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ People.” In response, the NPAIHB Paths (Re)Membered Program founded the Native Advocacy Workgroup for Trans Health and worked with them to collectively create a Strategic Vision and Action Plan focused on Trans & Gender-Affirming Care in Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban Clinics (I/T/U).

In its role creating the Strategic Vision and Action Plan, NPAIHB listened and consulted with stakeholders including 2SLGBTQ+ community members, healthcare providers, policymakers, and community and program leaders. This strategic plan supports the I/T/U clinics as they begin to provide gender-affirming care to their patients by emphasizing the following four goals:

  1. Develop and pass protective policies at the federal, tribal, and local levels;
  2. Ensure affirming clinical environments for gender-diverse patients;
  3. Ensure best practice care for Indigenous gender-diverse patients; and
  4. Improve I/T/U health systems support for initiatives focused on the wellness of gender-diverse community members.

Trans-and-Gender-Affirming-Care-2020-Strategic-Vision-and-Action-Plan-cover View/Download Strategic Vision and Action Plan (PDF 738 KB)



For more information about the Strategic Vision and Action Plan or to learn more about the NPAIHB Paths (Re)Membered Program, please contact Morgan at mthomas@npaihb.org or 850-748-3458.


The dissemination of this strategic plan will guide I/T/U clinics, ensuring they have the strategies and support they need to fully implement these guidelines and to offer 2SLGBTQ+ clients a welcoming space and the care they need to be healthy. It will further guide policy and tribal leaders as they work to ensure programs and policies developed in Indian Country are affirming for 2SLGBTQ+ clients and community members.

Jessica Leston (Tsimshian), she/her/hers, Clinical Programs Manager
Itai Jeffries (Yèsah/Occaneechi), they/them/ya’ll, co-Manager Paths (Re)Membered
Morgan Thomas, they/them, co-Manager Paths (Re)Membered