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NCC Success Story: Partnership with Dr. Charlotte Huntley

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Over the last two years of the Tribal Epidemiology Centers Public Health Infrastructure (TECPHI) Program, the Network Coordinating Center (NCC) has partnered with Dr. Charlotte Huntley to facilitate 24 TEC-specific episodes for her “Public Health Epidemiology Conversations” Podcast. Each of these podcast episodes features a TEC staff sharing their career path and work at one of the 12 TECs.

One of these conversations featured the new CDC Director of Healthy Tribes, Dr. Julianna Reece to complete the collection. The podcast episodes have been a fun and impactful way to spread awareness of the services and expertise offered by the TECs. The episodes have received many positive reviews that emphasize the value they have had to listeners.


One reviewer said “Thank you for these episodes on native health because representation matters! Kudos for the outstanding work you are doing” and another shared “I loved your episode with Joshua and the discussion about the importance of communication and health surveillance data in the tribal communities. The data sharing toolkit he talked about gave me an idea for something I can try with my community. I think I’m going to discuss it with my supervisor.”


For more information about Dr. Huntley and her podcast, visit https://www.drchhuntley.com/about.


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