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NWTEC Success Story: Bigfoot Tackles COVID

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Bigfoot has been helping the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s (NPAIHB) Tribal Epidemiology Center spread the word about how to stay safe from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

In his first appearance in March 2020, Bigfoot stressed the importance of protecting our Elders and staying home to stay safe. Since then, his guiding presence has brought important messages to the NW Tribes wrapped up in a bit of fun.

Last fall, Bigfoot started making personal appearances at all the NPAIHB Tribes to encourage mask wearing and to spread some joy despite the pandemic. Wearing his extra LARGE mask, he was enthusiastically received by all.

In early 2021, besides his Stay Safe messages, Bigfoot began encouraging people to get vaccinated culminating in his appearance on a “tattoo” after vaccination. These tattoos were also distributed to all the Tribes served by the NPAIHB for distribution at vaccination events.

In his most recent appearance, Bigfoot has been seen taking his children to be vaccinated, encouraging parents to take care of their children and communities!


Like our Tribes, Bigfoot is committed to protecting those who came before him and nurturing those who come after.