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ITCA-TEC Success Story: Regional Community Health Profile

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One major project the ITCA TEC was able to complete was the Regional Community Health Profile (CHP). Additionally, increased training in statistical analysis along with enhanced coding software has allowed the TECPHI team an avenue to improve systems and efficiency in developing reports resulting in 43 Tribal-specific CHPS.

Using SAS software, the Tribal reports were all automated. While there is work to be done in terms of customization for each Tribe, formatting, and additional statistical analysis along with current counts, the TEC has made strides in being able to provide better information to those we serve. This is also impacted by the partnerships the TEC has been able to build and maintain and strong relationships with the Arizona, Nevada, and Utah health departments have allowed us to access updated data each year.

Over the last year the TEC has been able to update overall IHS data and get updated COVID information to be used in the future. In general, access to data has been greatly improved and will allow ITCA to provide more timely and relevant information to those in our service area.