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ITCA TEC Success Story: After Action Review Toolkit & Guided Workshop

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The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., Tribal Epidemiology Center (ITCA TEC) conducted the first Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19) Tribal Public Health After Action Review Workshop with Tribal sub-awardees. This event was held in partnership with Blue Stone Strategy Group, LLC, which was made possible through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The development of After Action Review, helps Tribes assess performance, document lessons learned, and identify areas for improvement in a non-judgmental way, during and after a public health emergency.

Former Chairman of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, and co-founder of Blue Stone Strategy Group, Jamie Fullmer, and his team guided the Tribal staff through developing a framework for a culturally-competent After Action Review Plan. Participants were provided with a hard copy of the designed toolkit, outlining the After Action Review Planning Process. Several exercises were facilitated during the workshop that provided opportunities for the Tribal staff to begin developing their respective After Action Review Plans, and share those plans with their colleagues. Each sub-awardee examined their Tribes’ response effort to COVID-19 pandemic, and identified specific areas for improvement, as well as implementation strategies.

The workshop concluded with participants reflecting on their experience during the workshop review process. As a result of the After Action Review Workshop, COVID-19 Response Tribal sub-awardees are now more prepared to manage the Tribes’ future emergencies, including those related to COVID-19.


“Often times we don’t think about an After Action Review, however, it may be the most important. The training was great and the toolkit was helpful and easy to understand and follow.”
– Tribal staff participant