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ANEC Success Story: Alaska Native Injury Atlas

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Every five years the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) Injury Prevention program and Alaska Native Epidemiology Center collaborate with statewide data sources and regional Tribal health organizations to update the Alaska Native Injury Atlas. In March, 2020, the third update of the Atlas was published. Because injuries are the leading cause of death for Alaska Native and American Indian people in Alaska through age 49, tracking the leading causes of injuries and which populations are vulnerable is vital to informing prevention efforts.

The Atlas reports both injury hospitalizations and Injury deaths, with charts and maps that illustrate rate differences by geographic area and over time. Because daily activities and risks in Alaska are different from other US areas, an emphasis was made on the causes of injury of particular interest to Alaskans.

ANTHC Injury Prevention and the Alaska Native Epidemiology Center would like to thank the Alaska Trauma Registry, the Alaska Health Analytics and Vital Records, the Alaska Health Facilities Data Reporting Program, and Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development for providing the data used in the Atlas. We also thank the regional Tribal Health Organizations for their continued efforts in injury prevention, and for the injury prevention success stories included in this Atlas.