USET Releases Annual Diabetes Report

The United South and Eastern Tribes Tribal Epidemiology Center (USET TEC) has worked with the USET Diabetes Consultant, Dianna Richter, to produce a report that would reveal the incredible impact the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) has had on Indian Country.


Twelve Tribal Nations provided success stories to showcase their programs and the personal impact that SDPI has made in their communities.


The Annual Diabetes Report was the work and passion of multiple USET TEC staff. Data from the annual diabetes audit was collected and analyzed. This data was then used to show the improvements that USET Tribal Nations have made in the care of their patients and their prevention efforts against diabetes.

The Annual Diabetes Report will be utilized by Tribal Nation Leaders, Health Directors, and USET Staff to advocate for further funding of the SDPI Program. A Diabetes Report was also created for each USET Tribal Nation. This Tribal Nation Specific Report is utilized by Health Directors to educate their Tribal Leadership and community.


uset-diabetes-report-2016-coverClick here or on image to view full report (PDF 3.1MB).