Sharing the Road
The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. (ITCA) Tribal Epidemiology Center (TEC) and the participating Tribes in Arizona (AZ) recognized crashes involving truck tractor trailers (TTT) on Tribal land as a problem through the motor vehicle crash surveillance funded by the Office of Minority Health. TTT crashes may rise due to increasing commercial vehicle traffic in AZ. The police crash data for AZ in 2009-2016 were analyzed to identify crash factors.


The prevalence of TTT crashes and the injury averages from the TTT crashes were higher on Tribal land in AZ from 2009-2016 than non-Tribal land.


In response, the ITCA TEC is providing the Share the Road training, an enhanced workshop for TTT crash prevention designed specifically for Tribes in AZ. This training covers prevention information regarding occurrences of TTT crashes, and distracted driving and seatbelt usage on Tribal land in AZ. In addition, to heighten blind spot awareness near commercial vehicles, the ITCA has been partnering with Walmart, whose drivers relay traffic challenges with each participant seated in the driver seat of the Walmart tractor trailer. To initiate Share the Road, a Tribe, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Walmart and ITCA partnered to provide the statewide pilot workshop for 11 area tribes; the attendees included Tribal police, injury prevention and transportation professionals. Since the pilot workshop, two tribes have each hosted a community workshop and a third tribe is planning an August 2017 workshop.

The ITCA TEC offered recommendations to Tribes for policy, enforcement, education, and engineering. These recommendations were proposed first to the injury prevention, transportation, and law enforcement working groups at ITCA. Then, these recommendations were provided nationally at the 2016 National Tribal Transportation Conference held in Anaheim, California.


Share the Road Table 1

Share the Road

Recommendations for Addressing Truck Tractor Trailer Crashes on Tribal Land in Arizona