Building Capacity and CHPs: The Tribal Epidemiology Liaison Program
A primary goal and challenge of the Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center (GPTEC) has been “to build public health capacity and a community of practice in partnership with Great Plains Area tribal communities through education, training, and technical assistance in epidemiology”. In response to this goal, GPTEC established in 2016 its Tribal Epidemiology Liaison (TEL) Program and initiated its first associated training on how to compile the data for and produce local/tribal Community Health Profiles (CHPs).


This training was in direct response to expressed tribal interest in this topic, and proved highly successful in its twofold goals of 1) building tribal capacity to pull/request, analyze, and summarize public health data and 2) to compile this data into the form of a local CHP for each of the five participating tribes. Ultimately, these two goals complemented each other extremely well, and GPTEC learned a great deal to inform future iterations of this and other TEL trainings.


GPTEC plans to adapt the training into additional formats for wider reach, to build upon its success with further and additional trainings, and to support and engage its first and additional TELs to broaden, build upon, and support them as local sources of public health and data expertise within their communities.

Please see the Prezi below for more details.